Unplug Your Self

Unplug Your Self Ep7 - A Hipster Tailors Son who’s up with the Sciences

October 7, 2019

Today I got a chance to catch up with a long time friend, boss, colleague and generally cool guy name Sean Cookson. I’ve known Sean for 15 years or more and over that time we have had many unique engagements. We have worked together a few times, he has been an advisor to me and at times a great mentor. If he is not there in one of those archetypes, he has just been a great human to go cycling with and share a joke or two. Or to simply have a laugh about life and all the things that go in it.

I have raised that I’ve not been inspired by many people but the truth of the matter is, that Sean does inspire me. His life has a pattern that resonates with me. He seems to represent a trajectory that makes sense to me. In speaking with him I was again left thinking abut my life and how I am approaching what I am doing and how I could make a few tweaks to get a bit more from what I am looking to get done in this human hustle.

Thanks everyone for listening! I am keen to get questions from you so that I can adjust and do more with the show. So you can reach out to me via email ([email protected]) Instagram (@unplug_your_self) or twitter (@unplugyour_self). I’d really like to hear what you think, topics you want covered and if that’s not your bag, just some general feedback. Also make sure you go to iTunes and give the show some stars and feedback. It all helps.

Just remember, by leveraging your self awareness, managing your mindset, having mindfulness and building your emotional intelligence you can unlock your negativity and be the person you want to be!

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