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Food for Thought #16 - How does someone with imposter syndrome get unstuck?

February 6, 2020

Quite a lot has been running through my mind recently. Lots of activity. Lots of dialog. I came across a revelation which stemmed from a tweet that not all humans have an internal narrative. This was some what of a shock to me, but also some what revealing as well. The shock was mainly due to the fact that my assumption around this entire podcast had to do with the fact that we ALL have an inner narrative. Or Self Talk, as I reffer to it. But come to find out, some of us do not have this at all and that it manifests from abstract non-verbal thoughts is quite interesting.


To be honest it explains quite a lot about how many people deal with the world around them. Their own battle with their emotions and feelings. If I imagine being driving by abstract thought it really opens up how people respond to things. How they process. It most likely explains how people just don’t understand what you are explaining! Never the less, the more we know about how we operate mentally the better.

I have also decided that my imposter syndrome needs to be dealt with. I have not been very active in various forums with my views and opinions around all of this. So today I actually decided to engage in a post on reddit which was around dealing with negativity, emotions and crying.


There are a few reasons I jumped in. One was I really felt for the user who posted. It’s a hard place to be when you loose a connection to your emotions. I know that I’ve felt that way and it weirded me out. Another reason was that I often talk myself out of posting my thoughts because I am not certified. I am not trained. My thoughts centre around the idea that I could damage someone with my brand of thinking. The final reason is the proof I could be wrong. That someone who knows will call me out and it will end this romance I have going with this podcast and all that I seem to value and believe. It could shake the foundations I so firmly stand on.

But I have sort been pushed by a conversation, a book I am reading and the fact that I tell others not to feel this way. Yes, I know. I am fallible. I have chinks in my armour. But I am putting this out there so that I can no longer hide. I was giving one of my best mates advice on career moves and he mentioned that he got a bit of a blow in not being recognised as being at the level he thought he was. I felt it was a great opportunity to recalibrate, learn whats needed and then become a full Pokemon. He said Voltron. We agree to disagree on my analogy I guess. The point stands however. It does not matter if you get called out. It might just reset you enough to get you where you are going. With respect to the book I am reading, “Everything is F*cked” I need to have more hope in my routine. In my thinking. So in order to get moving I need get out of my own way, mentally, and just start going for it.

So I hope that you’ve enjoyed this. It’s sort of a roller coaster of thinking and movements. Really it just boils down to a bit of hustle. But I think it’s time. Time to put myself out there and see how I measure up.

Thanks everyone for listening! I am keen to get questions from you so that I can adjust and do more with the show. So you can reach out to me via email ([email protected]) Instagram (@unplug_your_self) or twitter (@unplugyour_self). I’d really like to hear what you think, topics you want covered and if that’s not your bag, just some general feedback. Also make sure you go to iTunes and give the show some stars and feedback. It all helps.

Just remember, by leveraging your self awareness, managing your mindset, having mindfulness and building your emotional intelligence you can unlock your negativity and be the person you want to be!

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