Unplug Your Self

Ep 18 - How much do we really know about our selves? Unpacking your emotional bags is tough.

February 17, 2020

I have to say I was somewhat blown away by this interview. Not because it was more or less than any of the other interview, but that there was this sort of depth and intimacy to it. Giv is an obvious professional. A capable person much like many of my guests. But also a confident person who is very much in tune with who she is and what she offers as a presence in a conversation. In retrospect I felt like I was sort of all over the place and it was Giv who kept me on track through this interview. I know this is just what I think and it is not necessarily the case. But it does speak to her ability to be present and in tune with the moment.

Giverny Lewis is Sex therapist & Relationship Councillor. She has a background in social work and has worked for all sorts of organisations but when she realised that it just wasn’t the trajectory she was after she took a year off and decompressed. Upon returning home she kicked into studying Sociology. While she studied she was hungry for knowledge and though that academics was the pursuit but then transitioned into counselling when she realised the human connection side was so rewarding.

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Just remember, by leveraging your self awareness, managing your mindset, having mindfulness and building your emotional intelligence you can unlock your negativity and be the person you want to be!

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